About SXAU

The Shanxi Agricultural University (SXAU) Alumni Association Office was established in September 19, 2017. The association registered with the Shanxi Department of Civil Affairs on November 15, 2017, as an independent social organization and legal person. Its Secretariat, set under the Alumni Association Office, shares the same working place with the Office.

SXAU Alumni Association has become a platform facilitating exchange and communication between alumni from home and abroad as well as between alumni and SXAU. It is mainly responsible for:

1. liaison and communication. SXAU has a large number of alumni distributed widely. Through the establishment of full-time personnel, fixed carriers and  dedicated website of the Alumni Association, we can ensure the communication between alumni as well as between alumni and SXAU, give full play to the two-way services, namely, on the one hand, collecting the requirements, feedback and suggestions from the society so as to provide opinions for the construction and development, on the other hand, providing consultation and technical services for the alumni by means of training, education and exchange.

2. publicity and education. To improve the popularity of SXAU and the awareness of students on campus, we must strengthen the publicity of the achievements and entrepreneurship of well-known alumni, which is also the basic function of the Association. Therefore, the Association sets model for students on campus by creating websites, issuing publications, holding forums, seminars, meetings, reports and on-site visits.

3. developing resources. Alumni resources are very precious for the country, the university and the personal development. Developing and utilizing the special resources for school running is an important function as well as a long-term task of the Association.

4. expanding the enrollment and employment. With the vigorous development of China's higher education, the continuous expansion of the universities and their enrollment, the increasing employment pressure of graduates has become a tough problem of society, families and universities. Therefore, the prospect of a university’s survival and development relays on its graduates employment. With the advantages of extensive contact with alumni and rich information, the Association will be an excellent playground for expanding the enrollment and employment.

5. serving the local economy. In recent years, issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area has been highly valued by the state and the governments at all levels. As the merely agricultural higher education institution in Shanxi province, SXAU has cultivated tens of thousands of agricultural scientific talents for the province and the country. Amid in the new situation of transformation and leapfrog development, the Association, of great importance, will give full play to the advantages on talents and science and technology of services for the issues and contribute more to the economic and social development of the province and the country.