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Launching Ceremony of Our Students’ Internship at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province

Nov 16, 2022

The site of launching ceremony

On the morning of November 16th, the launching ceremony of our students’ internship was held at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province. Liu Zhijie, Director of this Provincial Department, Yao Jiguang Deputy Director of this Provincial Department, Zhang Qiang, President of SXAU, Li Weixiang and Li Bugao, Vice Presidents of SXAU attended the ceremony. Zhang Ruanbin presided the ceremony.

Liu Zhijie delivered speech

Liu Zhijie spoke highly of SXAU’s attention and efforts on this event and extended warm welcome to students. He pointed out that both sides laid a solid foundation of cooperation through close contact, besides, a new platform had been built to meet the requirements of hard work concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers and adapt to the new situation and tasks faced in the agriculture, technology and education development in the new era. He pointed out the internship forged bond between two sides, which deepened the cooperation as well as responded the call of 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). He hoped that instructors of both sides can be the ones to care, guide and pioneer the students, and the students can be the ones to obtain ideals, abilities, and a strong sense of responsibility and seek to improve and extend themselves constantly. He stressed that the Shanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs would endeavor to do logistic services to secure students a fruitful, healthy and joyful internship.

Zhang Qiang delivered speech

Zhang Qiang noted that the signing of agreement was not only an implementation of the spirit of 20th CPC National Congress but also an exploration of the school-department cooperation. He put forward three proposals. First, implementing agreement thoroughly. Taking the distinct needs of each divisions into consideration, we selected excellent students here to combine their learning with practical experiences. Second, giving full play to internship base. With the construction of a base of agriculture, science and education cooperation, both sides determined to build an optimized talent cultivating mechanism by means of solving problem and improving efficiency during the internship and establish system of dual-instructor on and off campus to promote two-way exchanges. Third, deepening cooperation. With joint efforts, we expected to become a pillar of agriculture strategy making so as to gain deep integration of platform and discipline building and breakthrough achievements. We would accelerate transformation as well as promotion of agricultural scientific & technological achievements and make constant efforts on joint cultivation focusing on high-level agricultural talents.

Liu Zhijie and Zhang Qiang launched the SXAU talents' cultivating base of agriculture,science and education cooperation

Yao Jiguang and Li Weixiang, on behalf of each side, signed the cooperation agreement

Li Bugao and Li Weixiang issued Letter of Appointment to instructors

Li Gu, Director of Rural Cooperative Economy Division of the Department said that they will spear no efforts on teaching, instructing and servicing, promoting teaching and learning to enhance each other. Wang Zhihong, student representative of our school, expressed that they will seize this opportunity to make the most of themselves, face challenges and strive to complete each task well.

Students of internship

Leading officials from the Departments and our school, and the students of College of Agricultural Economics and Management attended the ceremony.