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Theme Activity of 2022 World Food Day and National Food Security Week was Held on Campus

Oct 16, 2022

Theme activity

To the Country people is all-important, to the people foodstuff is all-important. On October 16, as the 42nd World Food Day arrives, the theme activity of 2022 World Food Day and the National Food Security Week had been held at Guyuan Students' Canteen. The theme of 2022 World Food Day is “Leave NO ONE behind”. The theme of the National Food Security Week is “Secure food supply and remain the Chinese people’s food supply firmly in their own hands”. The theme activity on campus focused on “Develop thrifty habit and pursue frugal life by practices”.

Li Weixiang encourages students

Li Weixiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President and Li Wenlai, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Director of Department of Publicity & United Front of the Party Committee attended the event.

Students and faculties autographed Board of “Clean Your Plate” Campaign

Li Weixiang invoked a Chinese poem The Peasants to hope students understand the hard of food production. He quoted that we should cherish each bowl of rice and each piece of cloth since they are hard-won and encouraged students to start from me and devote themselves to publicity of national food security week.

Catering Center staff and students participated the “Clean Your Plate” signing. According to Zheng Shujian, Deputy Director of Logistic Affairs & Security Department, the foodstuffs used by Catering Center, including rice, flour, oil and seasonings had been exhibited on site to reassure students about having meals at students’ canteen. Students also learned basic knowledge of food safety to differentiate the products with no name, no address, no production and sanitation license code. After the activity, many student representatives expressed their understanding of food safety and food security. As students of an agricultural university, they should be more aware of the hard work concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers. They determined to start from themselves to enhance public awareness of saving food, effectively cultivate thrifty habits and foster a social environment where waste is shameful and thriftiness is applaudable.

Exhibition of foodstuffs used by Catering Center

Student-made theme posters of 2022 World Food Day

Theme activity hosted by Wu Yueming, Director of Logistic Affairs & Security Department. Leading officials from other departments, staff of Catering Center and students attended this activity.