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The online teaching of SXAU on the first day of the fall semester of 2022 is stable and orderly

Aug 29, 2022

On August 29, the teaching work of SXAU for the fall semester of 2022 was fully launched online. On the first day 205 theoretical courses were  successfully undertaken by 264 teachers through online platforms such as Chaoxing Erya, China University MOOC, XuetangX, Zhihuishu and Tencent Conference. 28,520 students studied online, and the teaching order was stable and orderly. Liao Yuncheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of SXAU, Zhang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SXAU, and other leaders of the university learned about the operation of online teaching through online methods, and listened to online teaching from some teachers.


Liao Yuncheng is listening to the class online.

Zhangqiang is listening to the class online.

Li Weixiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SXAU, is listening to the class online.

Recently, the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe, and the normal start plan for the autumn semester has been interrupted again. In order to ensure the orderly development of the teaching plan, and to ensure that the students can go to class on time and "keep learning", the university comprehensively analyzed the epidemic situation and launched an online teaching work plan. Department of the Academic Affairs made overall and reasonable arrangements, and organized each teaching college (department) to complete all preparations for online teaching within one week; connected with various teaching platforms to ensure that the platforms’ curriculum resource reserves, online teaching technology, and online teaching consulting services were all in place; coordinated with The Logistic Affairs & Security Department, The Information office and other functional departments to fully maintain and ensure the online teaching network environment in good condition; strengthened the monitoring of online teaching quality, and the two-level supervision of the university as well as college would supervise and inspect the full coverage of online teaching to ensure that online teaching could be homogeneous and equivalent with offline teaching.


Teachers are teaching online.

Students are listening to lectures online.

Next, Department of the Academic Affairs will adjust and optimize the teaching plan in a timely manner according to the overall deployment of the university's epidemic prevention and control work, so as to ensure the smooth progress of all teaching work for a good start of the semester.