Institute Sericulture Research

Shanxi Sericulture Research Institute was founded in March 1957. It is located in Yuncheng, which is considered the “birthplace of sericulture.”It mainly carries out the collection, protection, and utilization of sericulture germplasm resources, the selection and breeding of diversified varieties, and the research and development of high-efficiency and high-yield technologies. It also researches the innovative utilization of resources as well as the integration and innovation of regional agricultural leading industries and extension services.

The Institute has adopted the Yuncheng Comprehensive Test Station of the National Sericulture Industry Technology Systemandthe National "East Mulberry Shift" Project Technical Research Work. The campus consists of the Shanxi Province Sericulture Diversified Utilization R&D Laboratory, the Shanxi Province Sericulture Germplasm Resource Platform, the Shanxi Province Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System Feed and Functional Food Post Expert, and the Shanxi Province Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base Relying Unit.

There are 13 internal institutions comprising of 2 offices, 3 departments, and 8 institutes. These include: the Office of the Institute; the Party Office; the Ministry of Personnel and Labor; the Ministry of Planning and Finance; the Ministry of Science and Technology Training Services; the Silkworm Research Institute; the Mulberry Research Institute; the Silkworm Functional Products Research Institute; the Mulberry Research Institute of Functional Products; the Research Institute of Special Culture; the Research Institute of Fruit Trees and Flowers; the Research Institute of Edible Fungi and Vegetables; and the Research Institute of Chinese Medicinal Materials.

At present, there are 70 employees, of which 2 are in management positions, 35 are in professional and technical positions, 33 are in labor positions, and 1 is in the provincial squatting plan. Among them, 1 person has a postgraduate degree, 4 people have a master's degree in agricultural extension, 34 people have a bachelor's degree, and 26 people have an associate degree. 16 people have senior professional titles: 2 senior managers, 10 senior assistants, 2 senior directors, and 4 senior associates). There are an additional 22 workers and technicians and 72 retired people.

More than 365 mulberry germplasm resources and 90 silkworm germplasm resources have been preserved at the Institute. This has helped to standardize the Shanxi sericulture germplasm resource platform, which focuses on breeding, introduction, and promotion of fine mulberry varieties. Five excellent mulberry varieties have been selected and bred and more than 20 excellent mulberry varieties have been introduced and promoted, thereby improving the array of mulberry varieties in Shanxi Province.

There is also a focus on the breeding, introduction, and promotion of fine silkworm varieties. Four pairs of fine silkworm varieties have been selected successively and more than 10 pairs of fine silkworm varieties have been introduced.This has helped with the research and promotion of a number of mulberry cultivation techniques. Our research results and the subsequent promotion of our sericulture technology system have increased the labor efficiency of sericulture by more than four times and reduced the rate of silkworm disease damage from 20% to 5%.

Finally, the Institute strives to build a collaborative development platform. Together with the eight northern provinces and their nine research institutes, it is preparing to build the northern sericulture scientific research cooperation zone. It has hosted three academic conferences on northern sericulture scientific research and a national sericulture seminar and undertaken national and provincial development projects. It has successively undertaken the Ministry of Commerce's "East Mulberry Move to West" Project as well as the National Sericulture Industry System Yuncheng Comprehensive Test Station, the Shanxi Province Industrial Technology System Silkworm Breeding Post Expert, and the Special Breeding Test Station.