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SXAU won the gold medal in the 13th "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Studentss Entrepreneurship Plan Competition

Mar 20, 2023

From March 17 to 19, the result of the 13th "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Studentss Entrepreneurship Plan Competition was released.The Plant Protection Tank - the Leader of Ground Intelligent Plant Protection Equipmentled by Zhai Shuyuan, a student from College of Agricultural Engineering, was successfully shortlisted for the national final judgement and finally won the national gold medal.

This is the best result in history for SXAU, and it is also the only one gold medal from Shanxi Province among all the shortlisted projects in this competition.

The project was carried out by 15 members, with Wu Zhiming, Ma Hongmei, and Zhao Rui as tutors. The projectspecialized in overcoming the shortcoming of fruit tree protection equipment in China, namely, poor universality and high focus, then developed remote control plant protection tank which is the first in China in 2017. With the help of University-Enterprise Cooperation, the product was put into production. Over 6 years, the team has developed the five generations of plant protection tank, which breaks through the bottleneck of fruit tree plant protection equipment and achieves full coverage of orchard operation scenarios. It is also the only agricultural machinery product in Shanxi Province that has passed 3C certification. In June 2022, the team developed a Plant Protection Tank Unmanned Driving System which was awarded the title of " National Plant Protection Guard ". This plant protection equipment has the advantages of hybrid oil and electricity, fully autonomous chassis, Ultra-high pressure atomization, Target up, and direct impact on the back of the leaves. And the operation quality has been unanimously praised by fruit farmers. Adhering to the principle of "valuing theory, focus on practice, grasping skills, and strengthening application", with problem oriented, technology empowering agriculture, reshaping the new pattern of China's fruit industry, making it easier for fruit farmers and improving fruit quality, 16 national patents and 5 local standards have been made by the team. The team has been developing ground plant protection equipment since 2017, mainly conducting research on intelligent agricultural equipment and agricultural aviation engineering. With the goal of solving fruit tree plant protection problems and using self-control technology, they led the undergraduate team of Shanxi Agricultural University to develop the first all-terrain fruit tree plant protection equipment in China after years of technical accumulation and accumulation. The team received one gold medal in the "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition and one bronze medal in the "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition; One silver medal and two bronze medals in the China International "Internet+" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; The 5th "China Innovation Wing" Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition Shanxi Selection Competition and the 2022 Shanxi Spark Project Entrepreneurship Competition, one second prize in Shanxi Province and finalized for the national competition; One second prize and one third prize of Shanxi Province in the "Maker China" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The 13th "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition is hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Association for Science and Technology, the All-China Federation of Students, and the People's Government of Beijing Municipal. It is organized by Beijing Institute of Technology, the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, and the Fangshan District People's Government of Beijing Municipal. Since its opening, the competition has attracted a total of 3011 universities or colleges and 1.424 million undergraduates from 32 provinces and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan across the country to participate. 330000innovation and entrepreneurship projects have been applied for. And over 3 million people have participated in the event during the same period. Among 330000 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, 463 projects were shortlisted for the national finals. After two rounds of text review including school competition, provincial competition, and national competition and final judgement, in this "Challenge Cup" entrepreneurship competition, a total of 154 gold prize, 309 silver prize , and 1079 bronze prize were selected. 60 universities won the "Champion Cup".

Part of team members on the competition

In recent years, with the strong support of leaders of the Party Committee & Administration of Shanxi Agricultural University, Youth League Committee of Shanxi Agricultural University has adhered to the idea "Project, Competition, Training, Practice, Model, and Opportunity promote the innovation ". We have held the "Xingnong Cup" College Studentss' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Shanxi Agricultural University for 6 consecutive years, which attracts widespread participation from all teachers and students. In the future, we will continue to use the "Challenge Cup" entrepreneurship competition as a starting point to guide and motivate students to carry out in-depth social practice, continuously enhance students' understanding of nation and society, stimulate the innovative spirit of teachers and students, cultivate entrepreneurial awareness, and enhance students' socialization ability.