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Nairui Huo (Team) of our university won the second prize of the second National Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers

Sep 7, 2022

On the morning of July 31, the second National Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers concluded at Xi 'an Jiaotong University. In the competition, Huo Nairi (Team), a teacher from the College of Veterinary Medicine of our university, won the second prize of the National Teaching Innovation Competition for University teachers, which is the first award our university has won in the National Teaching Innovation Competition for University Teachers.

  The National Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition is directed by the Higher Education Division of Ministry of Education of China and sponsored by the China Association of Higher Education. It is the only teaching competition for university teachers in the list of competition items reserved by institutions directly under the Ministry of Education. Fucusing on the theme of "Promoting Teaching Innovation and Cultivating first-class Talents", the second National Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition aims to implement the fundamental task of building moral and cultivating talents, guide college teachers to devote themselves to teaching and cultivating talents and build the vane of college teaching reform. The competition was launched in November 2021, with a three-level system of school competition, provincial competition, and national competition. There were two competition courses: university competition and provincial university competition. 60,879 teachers (including team members) from 1,195 ordinary undergraduate universities in 31 regions participated in the school competition, and 18,407 teachers (including team members) participated in the provincial competition. A total of 406 lecturers were recommended by the provincial competition to enter the online evaluation stage of the national competition, and 205 lecturers were shortlisted for on-site evaluation. After the selection of the school competition and the recommendation of the provincial competition, Huo Nairui (Team) stood out among 120 teachers (Team) in the whole province, participated in the national competition on behalf of Shanxi Province, outcompeted in the online evaluation of the national competition, and was shortlisted for the on-site competition. Finally, she won the second prize of the national competition.

In recent years, SXAU has been adhering to the new requirements of fostering virtue through education, anchoring the new goals of higher education development, focusing on the new infrastructure of talent training, constantly deepening the reform of education and teaching, aiming on the construction of "Ace professional, Ace Course, Ace teacher and High-level Practice Base", and vigorously promoting the construction of the teaching staff. SXAU will fully implement the teaching team construction concept of "promoting teaching by competition, promoting construction by competition", and keep holding teacher teaching innovation competition and other competitions well, provide policy guarantee and display stage for building the school's "Ace Teacher".

Huo Nairui, female, member of Minjin, professor, doctoral supervisor. She has been a full-time teacher in the Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine of College of Veterinary Medicine, the seventh part-time provincial superintendent of Shanxi Province, a member of the Special Expert Committee of Shanxi Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and a member of the Advisory Committee of Jinzhong Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference. She devoted herself to teaching, and has taught undergraduate courses such as Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Professional Foreign Languages, Animal Food Hygiene, Life and Immunity. The education practice of immunology teaching is carried out with student-oriented and teaching based on learning. The teaching reform result of "Carrying out characteristic teaching of immunology and comprehensively improving students' quality" was published in the Chinese core journals of Immunology in 2015. The food immunology she taught was awarded the high-quality resource sharing course of Shanxi Province in 2013. In 2019, the immunology essentials of the construction won the high-quality shared course (online) of colleges and universities in Shanxi Province. In the same year, she won the national Excellent teaching achievement of ecological civilization informatization. In 2018, she won the first prize of teaching achievement in Shanxi Province for the construction of immunology teaching characteristics expansion resources and the study of classroom teaching effect. In 2002, she won the second prize and excellent teaching plan award in the Young and Middle-aged Teachers Bilingual Teaching Basic Skills Competition in colleges and universities of Shanxi Province. In 2007, her immunology teaching plan was chosen as the university excellent Teaching plan (Special Recommendation) award, besides her Immunology (bilingual) courseware was sorted as the excellent multimedia courseware. In 2010, she won the first prize of the school competition and the second prize of the provincial competition in the Basic Teaching Skills Competition for young and middle-aged teachers. In 2021, she won the special prize of the school competition and the second prize of the provincial competition. In 2022, she won the first prize in the school competition and the provincial competition of Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition. She was personally rewarded by the Shanxi Provincial Labor Competition Committee and Outstanding Knowledge Woman by Shanxi Education, Science, Culture and Health System. In 2011, she was awarded the second professional ethics model of Shanxi Agricultural University.